This Week in Calculus II

This content is updated every Friday/Saturday for the next week. You can easily guess what is coming next by visiting https://math.msu.edu/classes/mth_133/syllabus/Default.aspx#sched_weekly.

In General

For Tu Recitation

  • Quiz 1 Solutions. Quiz 1 will be in recitation covering 5.2 - 6.3.
  • The TAs will have problems to present to help you review for ~20 min at the beginning of recitation. You will have the last 30min of class to do the quiz.

 For M/W/F In-Class

Past Weeks in Calculus II

Week 1


  • Lab 1 during recitation. Before recitation take a look at the PreLab Document or watch the PreLab Video. Then do the PreLab Assignment (remember this is worth points and you need to have it submitted BEFORE 1:50PM. If you are having a hard time accessing hte PreLab Assignment make sure you are logged into your  MSU Google account first! Download the Lab1 MATLAB Code
  • Download and print our Wk2 in class problems and bring them with you to class
  • Watch 6.1 videos before Monday’s Class, 6.2 videos before Wednesday’s Class, and the 6.3 videos before Friday’s Class

Next Week in Calculus II

  • not yet