Section Info

MTH 133 Sections 029-035

Finding Information

The majority of the course information can be found on

  1. Class Page:
    • a daily schedule
    • links to videos and video class notes
    • office hours and locations
    • contact information for instructor and TAs
  2. Course Site:
    • syllabus
    • exam rooms, locations, and times

However, there is some information specific to our sections listed below.


In addition, to the normal supplies in this section, you will need access to a printer to print out the course notes (that go along with the videos and in class). It is important to bring previous sections and notes to class as well as we may jump around a bit as time permits.

Explanation of Class Time

In our sections, I plan on taking advantage of the departmental 133 videos to help introduce us to each topic. During class, we will go over confusing concepts and delve deeper into each section’s material. Because of your extra efforts, we will be able to spend more time practicing how to use the definitions and theorems to solve problems and relating course content. I expect everyone to come to class having watched the videos and ready to participate. For a portion of the class, students will be expected to work on problems and communicate with each other as I circulate to answer questions.